Now Lindsey Graham Can Never be President

Senate Republicans may want to pen a letter to Senator Lindsey Graham and bring him up to speed on what the Constitution says about using the American military against American citizens.  Apparently Lindsey would use the military against congress if he were ever president.


Talk More About Climate Change

Democrats need to talk more about climate change.  It’s nearly impossible to find an elected Republican who will admit that climate change is real and even more difficult to find one who will entertain the idea that it is caused by human activity.  Regular people however understand the problem.  According to a CBS News/New York Times poll 74% of Americans believe that climate change is causing an impact on society or it will in the near future.  Once again, Democrats just need to talk like Democrats and people will listen.

Kansas’ Terrible Economy

Until Sam Brownback became the governor of Kansas, the repressive, Chicago School of economics of unfettered capitalism had only been tried (by tried I mean forced) in place like Latin America, South Africa, Russia, Poland and countless other places around the globe.  Without fail these policies have not only had a ruinous effect on those economies but led directly to the deaths of millions of people.  While I don’t anticipate huge loss of life in Kansas, the effects of supply side economics is leading the state of Kansas down the road to financial ruin.

Hopefully Democrats are paying attention and in future campaigns when Republicans trot out the same tired old line that we must cut taxes on the “job creators” they will point to Kansas and simply say “show me the jobs!”

Thing Democrats Should Campaign On – Minimum Wage

Anyone who is paying attention knows Democrats typically do a terrible job running campaigns.  Lets just look at two states from the 2014 election, South Dakota and Arkansas.  Both states are very red.  In 2014 both states passed an increase in minimum wage.  Both states also elected United States Senators and Governors who are on record as being opposed to increasing the minimum wage.  Why?  Well, at least in part it’s because Democrats in traditionally red states are scared to death to talk like Democrats.  They don’t want to speak out in favor of issues like minimum wage in a state like South Dakota or Arkansas for fear they will be run out of the state.  Yet, voters in both states are smart enough to know that raising minimum wage is something that benefits many many people and is the right thing to do.  If Democrats are going to make gains in 2016 the first step is to start talking like Democrats…in every state in the Union.