Thing Democrats Should Campaign On – Minimum Wage

Anyone who is paying attention knows Democrats typically do a terrible job running campaigns.  Lets just look at two states from the 2014 election, South Dakota and Arkansas.  Both states are very red.  In 2014 both states passed an increase in minimum wage.  Both states also elected United States Senators and Governors who are on record as being opposed to increasing the minimum wage.  Why?  Well, at least in part it’s because Democrats in traditionally red states are scared to death to talk like Democrats.  They don’t want to speak out in favor of issues like minimum wage in a state like South Dakota or Arkansas for fear they will be run out of the state.  Yet, voters in both states are smart enough to know that raising minimum wage is something that benefits many many people and is the right thing to do.  If Democrats are going to make gains in 2016 the first step is to start talking like Democrats…in every state in the Union.