Republicans Who Can Never Be President

By know everyone knows that 47 Republican senators recently sent a letter to Iran essentially trying to undo everything President Obama and John Kerry are trying to accomplish in their nuclear negotiations with Iran.  In my opinion any senator that signed that letter will never be president.  They shouldn’t be president.  They don’t respect the office enough to be president.  I will stop short of calling them traitors (many others have), but they certainly don’t care as much about American security as they do about hurting Obama.  In case you are nor sure, here is the list of 2016 GOP hopefuls who signed the letter:

Marco Rubio

Rand Paul

Rob Portman

John Thune

Ted Cruz

Now two more 2016 hopeful have disqualified themselves.  Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana and Governor Rick Perry of Texas have come out in favor of the letter.